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The celebration of Karandhar Palayam sasthaa Preethi

The celebration   of  Karandhar  Palayam sasthaa Preethi

Viswanathan Sundar

Translated by

(The original Tamizh write up can be seen in   )

Kallidai kurichi which is in THirunelveli district  of Tamil Nadu  on the shores of  Thamra barni river has  one more name “Karanthayar  Palayam”

The  Kula deivam(clan God) of all the people living in this town  is God “Sri sastha”
Not only this place   but to  many places to the south of Madurai like  Thirunelveli, Thoothukudi , Amba samudaram, Kallidai kurichi, Aamboor , azhvarkurichi, Renga samudram , Brahma desam , Adaichani  , Pallakkal , Ravana samudhram , Kadayam , Then Kasi  , Sengottai  , Kuththalam  , Surandai , Sundra  pandiyapuram , Kadaya nallor, Raja palayam , Sri Villiputhoor, Vathiraippu and to  many places near them, the kula deivam of people   would be mostly  “sri sastha”

   The God  could be  called  Sastha, ayyanaar  , Bhoothanadhar, Kalyana Varadhan, Harihara  Puthiran, and Muthayyan  and all these  names indicate The God Adhi Bhoothanadha   who  with his queens Poona and Pushkala is in Ponnambala medu.

  Most of the children of families who have  Sastha   as Kula deivam   are named  as Hariharan,  Bhothathaan  , Chadayappan , Kalyanam , aaryaa , Ayyappan, Mani Kandan,  Ayya mani, Kulathu mani  for males and Prabha, Poornaa  , Pushkalaa , Poornapushkala, Harini  , Haripriya, Rajeswari, Ponnamma    and ponni for girls. We can mostly identify   their native places  by their names.

    Once upon a time a Brahmin called Vijayan, who had  great devotion to Lord  Sastha   was  living in  Karanthayar  palayam. Lord Sastha   wanted to show  his liking to these  couple for their great devotion to him .So he came in search of them  in the form of a young boy. They took him inside   their home. That boy was wet because  he had walked in rain.  With a new towel  they dried  him. Then the boy  addressed the wife of Vijayan   and told, “Mother  , I am very hungry. This is mid night   and it is raining . Where shall I get  food at this time? If you give me some thing to eat   it would be great.”

  They Told her Boy,, “As of now we only have a  Gruel(kooz) made of Millet(kambu) .Can you take it and  slightly get satiated of your hunger?”

    The Boy ate that and requested them for a place to sleep for the night  and they cheerfully  provided  him a bed and pillow to  sleep.. Then the boy   showed his real form of Sastha    and told them. “The kamban koozh that   you gave me removed my hunger   and made me very happy. From today your family   would be known as  “Kambankudi(family of millets) “  and your family  people would be forever  my slaves.(I have read some where  Lord Sastha  said he will be forever their slave) .From today I would be Kula deivam to your family and wherever  you are  I would be your guardian”

   And the members of this family are made Sthanigar(President)  of the sastha  Preethi in the sastha Preethi conducted in Karanthayr  Palayam and are given a high seat and great recognition.

   Even today   elderly people of this  Kambangudi family   live in various places  ,Some of them are  Sri Krishna Iyer  , Sri veeramani iyer  and  Sri Ganapathi  iyer of Mumbai , Sri suresh Iyer of Bangalore , Sri appachi Krishna iyer of Dondhi vilakam street  of Kallidaikurichi( The first Sastha Preethi in Bangalore is conducted by this family)

  Chella Pilai  is supposed to be son of Dharma Sastha and his place is occupied by  the family of Chella Vilas Appalam Muthuswami iyer as well as  Chella Mani iyer .

 Even to day in  Sastha Preethi conducted   in Cochin, Ernakulam   And  Noorni, and   the people of Karandhayar palayam   family are honoured there.

  The  very famous  Sampradhaya Sastha Preethi   conducted by “Sri Maha Sasthrhru seva sangham “ of Coimbatore is   always conducted in The  Karanthar Palayam method  (sampradhayam)
Sastha Preethi is the  Hospitality shown  to the  devotees to Dharma Sastha who is the lord of the universe  . so that he gets pleased. .The first such Sastha Preethi was  conducted in Kallidai Kurichi town .As told earlier  this town is also called  Karanthayar Palayam.This has 18 agraharams  .These have been divided in to 8  Gramams.

They are
1.Vaidhyanatha puram 2. Thondhi Vilaakam 3  Ramachandra puram 4. Thennoor   5. Vahapuram  also called   as Veerappa puram. 6.Patta naayinaar puram  7.Mudhaliyappa puram   and 8.Ekambara  puram.

Each of these Gramas  are called Kizhikkar.  In the Dakshinayana , in the month of aadi  on  a Saturday The Satha Preethi is conducted  .Next day i. e on Sunday  ,they would complete the function by performing  “Soorya Narayana pooja.”

  This festival is Called  “Periya Adiyantharam” (great arrangement).The  village meeting   for arranging it would be held in Sastham Kottai.

 The  Holder of the Kizhi   for that year  have to conduct all the festivals for one year. This also includes Sankara  Jayanthi   “Sringeri acharya  Varadanthi day”

  All festivals are   celebrated by the monetary  interest got   for the trust    created for this purpose.. Normally devotees of Sastha   contribute the funds for this purpose.

     The previous day    to sastha Preethi  “ i.e.  on a Friday  after 6 Pm   from the village temple  of the concerned Kizhi  things like “Periya  Adi yanthiram”  (A bundle of palm leaf books) , The stick of Dharma Sastha, His elephant  vahana,  the chain of  Sangili Bhothathaar  “ the minister of Dharma  Sastha and Vattai vilakku(This lamp is worshipped during sastha  Preethi)   are brought by  the elders of the Kizhi village   and  for each of the people holding them, young people hold a coloured Umbrella.

     They come in a grand manner   accompanied by Nadaswaram music and  keep all of them in the temple  of Sastha. During that night a huge white ash gourd is given to the  person who is going to represent sastha   during that year and he would cut it in to two and give it to the cook, with a cry “Swamiye Saranam ayyappa”

   Then lots are taken before God as to who will serve what dish next day   during Anna Dhana from The Village Kizhikar. Next day i.e. on Saturday the sastha Preethi would be celebrated in the “Adhivaraha(Lakshmipathi)” temple   in Sannidhi street All functions would be carried out in the Southern hall  of the temple.

  The God would be decorated  in a pretty manner and The God   would be made  to  occupy (avahanam)  huge lamps.
 Ganapathi in one lamp, Guru in another lamp  and Maha Sastha along with poorna and Pushkalamba  in another lamp.
In a lamp facing south The  minister of Dharma sastha   called  Sri Bhoodathar   would be made to enter., A big stick and chain   would be kept before that lamp. And that lamp  would be decorated by a garland of  Vadai

Then they will offer  flower garland to Sastha followed  by worship with chanting of Sastha  Sahasranamam , Sri Rudra  Parayanam, Reading of all four Vedas  and so on.

Then they will put four seats, one for the  person who will represent Dharma Sastha, another  for son of Sastha   called Chella pillai   or Sri Sathyaka , Another  for the minister Bhothathar  and another for the   Subsidiary Gods of Sastha like Karupanna Sami and Yakshi

  These seats would be occupied from selected members of the  Kambangudi family.
Then the “Maha Meru Sastha”  written by  Sri Manidasar containing  Sastha  Preethi varavu songs would be sung   emotionally.

Then after  taking auspicious bath  , lord Sastha   would go. Two devotees holding a coloured Umbrella would support and guide him by giving support with their hand  and then  they would keep on singing Sastha   Varavu songs. Before him, one person would  accompany holding the Vattai lamp., Before the god his accompaniment Gods   like Sangii Bhothathaar, Kundanthadi bhothathaar, Karuppa Swami, Yakshi, Chella Pillai Sri Sathyakan etc  would keep on dancing and going ahead..Devotees would keep on offering them tender  coconut so that they do feel thirsty.

  When they reach   the western gate of Perumal temple, through a hole in the wall of one house The person representing Lord Sastha would see. And elders have told  us that he is seeing  Billawadi Sastha and Ariyankavu sastha through that hole. Then through  Melada  Veedhi   they will reach   The Chidambareswarar  temple and take bath  in the steps of” Kannadiyan Kalvai”.Then all of them would wear new cloths and through Vadakku Mada Veedhi enter Perumal temple. There they will all sit in the pooja mantapa and Deeparadhanai    would be shown to god,. The morning worship would come to an end there.

Afterwards  the leaf bundle would be given to person representing Sastha and  he would give it to the Kizhikkar of the village and he would commence the Annadhanam to all the guests.,This feast would continue for three hours. The feast would be held on the Prakaras  of the Perumal temple  .Normally four to five batches of people would take food.

Sastha Preethi Payasam

A huge  Aduppu(stone stove)   would be dug   and a huge vessel supported and carried by more than 10 people  would be kept on the Stove.. The Payasam would be prepared in that  .Since there is a belief that  Payasam should be prepared under the supervision of God, this would be prepared opposite to the Mantap whered decorated  God is kept
   Again on that day,  night worship,  would  be done like morning, God would be given an auspicious bath .Naivedhyam would be prepared and later there  would  be Deeparadhana
Next day ie Sunday They will chant Adhithya Hrudayam and Surya Namaskaram  On that day annadhanam would start at 10  AM,

In the evening there would be a meeting of the villagers. There they will choose  the  Grama Kizhi who will do next years Sastha Preethi.
  Along with  playing of musical instruments and Sarana Gosham of God, The periya adi Yanthiram, The Stick of God  , Elephant Vahanam , Saram, Vattai Dheepam would be given to the New Kizhi., They are supposed to take it and keep it safely till next years Sastha  Preethi

    That nighttThere would be special Garuda   Seva to adhi varaha perumal conducted  by Maha Meru Samooham.
   Nowadays   Sastha Preethi   is conducted in the Sastha temple called “Then kulathoor ayyan temple

     Very huge number of Devotees from various places come and join in this Sastha Preethi

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa- I surrender to God Ayyappa
Then karanthapuri vaasane  Saranam ayyappa-I surrender to Ayyappa who lives in Then Karantha puri
Karanthayar palayarthuraivone  Saranam mAyyappa-I surrender to Ayyappa who lives in Karanthayar  Palayam

Karuna sagara  Kadalone  Saranam Ayyappa-I surrender to Ayyappa who is ocean of mercy
Then kulathooril ayyane  saranam ayyappa_I surrender to Ayyappa who is lord of South Kulathoor
Kambamkudikkudaya   udamaye  Saranam Ayyappa_I surrender to Ayyappa who is property of Kamban gudi
Un Ponnadikku   adimaye   Saranam Ayyappa-I surrender to ayyappa to his golden feet
Samiye  Saranam Ayyappa- I surrender to God ayyappa

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Nurani Sastha Preethi songs-an introduction

Nurani Sastha Preethi songs-an introduction


Nurani   is one of the very famous Agraharams of Palakkad   Town with large number of Brahmin houses. The people who originally inhabited this Agraharam believe  that they have migrated to this village from Thiruvannamali of Tamil Nadu. It seems after their ancestors decided to settle in that place and when they were clearing the bushes in the western side of the village , The labourers who were from the nearby Harijan colony  heard a sound akin to the ringing of bells as well as  very aromatic perfume like scent. The Brahmins of the village were informed about this .  Further digging was done very carefully and three cylindrical stones as well as a flat stone were recovered from there.  The astrologers who were summoned to   find out what they are told that the Three cylindrical shapes were  the idols of Dharma Sastha and his two consorts, Poorna and Pushkala and the flat stone  was  that  of Bhagawathy  (Some say Malikapurathamma). The idols of Sastha and that of Poorna  and Pushkala were   installed in the Nurani   agraharam and the  the idol of Bhagawathi was installed in the harijan colony of Kaikuthu Paramba. The people of the Agraharam    built a temple for Sastha   along with his consorts.  Later they came to know that there was a Namboodiri in that place before the agraharam was built    and he was a great devotee of Aryankavu Sastha  . He used to visit the Aryankavu every year but when he became old and was not able to visit Aryankavu,  the Lord appeared in his dream and ordered him to  install his statutes in front of his house and worship them.  People of Nurani believe that these were the idols worshipped by that Namboodiri. The people of the village believe that all this happened more than 200 years earlier.  At  That time Ayyappan as a God was not popular among Brahmins of Kerala .  But Sastha with his consorts was very popular   in Thirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. There   are even today , large number of  Sastha temples  in that district. It is in one such village called Kulathoor which is near  Kallidai Kurichi town that  the practice of Sastha Preethi   originated.  This village had a group of Brahmins called Karanthayar  Brahmins. They were essentially business people and used to carry out   trade in various parts of  Kerala. In due course they first settled in  Ernakulam and later  In Trichur. (they were called Pondy Brahmins) . These  settlers   were called the Pondi Samooham in kerala.  One  of the members  of this samooham was  a family  of Kambangudi. It seems this family helped Swami Ayyappan by providing him food when he came   to hunt for a tigress. At That time it is believed   that  The Lord promised them that   he would be  with them wherever they go and would assist them.(Kambangudikku  naan adimai-I am a slave to the Kambangudi family) .  It was possibly  that this family which started   the Sastha Preethi as   we know it now.  It is  essentially confined to the Brahmin community . (A similar function  carried out by the Non Brahmin community is called  Ayyappan Vilakku. ) After the worship and singing songs extolling Dharma Sastha , a wholesome food is provided    to all the Brahmins. It seems in Kualthoor  where it seems to have originated  , the eighteen agraharams used to join together and perform it in a grand way .  It is not clear   when Sastha Preethi started being celebrated in Kerala  agraharams. Possibly it started in a small way  in the Pondi Agraharams  in Ernakulam. But the Grand Sastha Preethi which is being celebrated  in Noorani  must have originated from here. I am telling this because  , Most of the Sastha preethi songs are addressed to the Then Kulathoor Ayyan though  the villagers claim that they are celebrating it for the past    300 years. It is not at all clear about the format of the Sastha Pattukkal at the earliest times.  One of the great  Musician of Nurani called  Parameswara Bhagawathar who was in the court of King Swathi Thirunal Maharaja , has played a key role in collecting these songs.
    Most   of these songs are addressed    to the Thenkulathoor ayyan.  Many people still believe that    the Kulathoor that they are referring in Kulathoor  puzha.  But this is not so , because  in Kualthoor puzha Sastha is consecrated    as a child and not as one who was married to Poorna and Pushkala.  It is also interesting to note that  there is only one idol of the boy Sastha  in Aryan Kavu (Namboodiri  is supposed to have consecrated it based on this temple) , But  In Kulathoor Sastha temple which is near  Kallidai Kurichi    the sastha is with  his queens Poorna and Pushkala.   Another important aspect about Nurani Sastha  songs is that   they extol also  the  son of Sastha called Chella Pillai, and many couriers of Sastha Like Vella Kal bhootham, SAngili Sastha,  Yakshi , Karuppan and so on.  Chella Pillai and these   Bhootha courtiers of Sastha are not very popular  in the Ayyappan cult  of Sabari Malai. It is interesting to note that   they are mentioned and are also popular   in the KUlathhor temple  of  Kallidai Kurichi. Another interesting aspect of these  songs is that  almost all of them are in Tamil. Since the Palakkad Tamil is  not pure but to a certain extent mixed with Malayalam , the words in the songs are  mostly spelled in Palakkad Tamil . Except for one or two dhyana slokas   in Sanskrit, few Vanchi Pattu(Boat songs)  in Malayalam  , all the text is in Tamil. I had struggled to translate these songs in to English because of this . I am sure large number of mistakes are still there . I request readers   to point out these mistakes to me as comments or  by mail to my e-mail ID. I am requesting this because this great treasure of songs about Sastha which we have inherited must be preserved for posterity in a language that  they can understand. 

How the Sastha Preethi are sung in Nurani

How the Sastha Preethi are   sung in  Nurani

(From a  book called Nurani  Sastha preethi Padal  published by Sri N.E.Padmanabhan and  Sri N.E.Anantheswaran  in 2005)

In Nurani Sastha Preethi  is not a   one or two days function.  The festival starts  from  the commencement of the Mandalam every year. Around 9 Pm   all devotees assemble   in the temple   for
the ardhajama pooja  and sing   Bhajans  in conventional  style  peculiar to Nurani  .Changalavatta( Oil lamp hanging on a chain) is lighted and after breaking coconut in the Sastha  SAnnidhi  and after three pradakshinams accompanied by Nadaswaram , all devotees sit   in two opposite lines facing each other at  the  Sastha sannidhi. Destined Bhagawathar with the permission of elders  commences  the songs  as per Padathi (Practice)  giving importance to Sastha songs , natta, thodaya mangalam,  viruthams  , keerthanams   and then Deeparadhana is performed. After Deeparadhana   and distribution of prasadams    concluding  poojas   and songs continue. Manthra pushpam, Swarna pushpam  , Chathurveda parayanam   and Aseervadams  are chanted.One stanza from shiva ashtakam , ashtapadi and a keerthanam  , followed by thevaram  , virutham, pathyam  , venpa , kalithurai  , NaLANGU, Kummi , Choornikai, Oonjal   Nadai chuthal   and Vazthu follow.
    In the fourth and fifth week of the mandalam  , after singing the usual songs  an auspicious   Wednesday or Saturday is selected    for starting the “Avesha Pattu”  , For this , senior devotees   prostrate  before the Lord Dharma Sastha and seek permission   from the president and members as well as elders  of the village   to commence the Sastha songs. Afterwards  Avesha pattu is  sung on all wednedays and Saturdays till Sastha preethi. These songs  alert  the devotees   and create inspiration   and Bhakthi in them . The Komaram or Velichappadu  known as Narthakas  dance around the temple   to the tune of the songs to add gaiety to the occasion. Senior Komaram   is given  Sword and big rings(Thandai)   and are adorned with Koorai(Red cloth)  They dance around the temple   distributing Vibhuthi prasdams, which instuills   faith and devotion.
     These songs are  to be sung only  in the traditional way  and ragas/.thalams   should not be changed   to maintain    age old tradition    and the sentiments   and devotion which go with these  songs.
Preceding wedneday before Sastha preethi , Sastha  savarna  sahasranama   archana to Sastha is performed and on Thursday  1008  SAnku pooja   and Abishekam   to Lord Maha Vishnu are performed. Further  Poorna dravya  abishekam to Sastha  and Kalababishekam to  Vishnu are    also performed.
     On the auspicious Saturday   after mandalam  Sastha pretha is scheduled  except on Shukla Sashti , Ekadasi , Amavasya and Pournami.
     After all great religious observations  on the Sastha preethi day , which includes a great feast , at night  Vanji Pattu commences.  After four pradakshinams of the temple  , all devotees assemble together and sing all the songs as usual. 


    I have only heard about these   great songs sung during Sastha Preethi at Nurani(Noorani) .When I wanted to translate them in to English, Sri P.V.AnathaNarayanan   , who is my friend encouraged me do it. He also gave me a English transliterated version of  The entire Sastha Preethi songs  done by Sri Choodamani Noorani Hariharan  alias Sunil  of New delhi.  I have completely used these transliterated texts. My grateful thanks   are to Sunil , who has done a back breaking job  of typing the very large number of songs  in English. Sri P.V.Ananthanarayanan also gave me a printed Tamil book   called Noorani  Sastha Preethi Padal published in 2005 by  Sri N.E.Padmanabhan   and Sri N.E.Anatheswaran in 2005.  Whenever I had doubts I have referred to this book. My grateful acknowledgements  to both thse authors , who live in Mumbai. My grateful acknowledgments are also due to  my friend Sri P.V.Ananthanarayanan.
 Without the blessing of the Lord Dharma Sastha , I simply could not have done the job I took up. My anantha koti Namaskarams to him.

Nurani sastha Preethi Pattukal 1-10

Translated by  P.R.Ramachander
As per tradition  the songs commence with  a prayer to Lord Ganesa.

1.         Ganapathy  Stuthi

Kunjara  vadana   undhan   kancha   maamalar   padhathai
Thanjamendradi   paninthen   thaarakaa   pottri   pottri
Vanchimaamalayil  vaazhum  dharmasaasthrayyan  meethil  paada
Chanchalamtheerthu  enkal  nenchakam  kudikolvaayey

Oh  Elephant faced God , I  have   surrendered   to your.
Lotus like feet , Oh Tharakaa  ,  hail. Hail,
For singing about  The Dharma Sastha   who lives in great  Vanchi mountain,
Please  remove our nervousness   and start living in our  hearts.
   Tharakaa-One with a shape of “Om”
    Vanchi mountain –western ghats.

Next prayer   is addressed to Goddess  Saraswathi

Maanikkaveenai  oru  kayyinil  thaangiyey
Mahimayoorum  ishaipaadidum  mandhahaasini
Divyasundaraangi  kamalmandiraalayamathil  vaazhum
Vaanikki  ananthamaanasa  poojai  vakaiperavum  mika
Uravumaai  vandanam  sheykintra  anthanar  shiruvarkalaam
Engalukku  arul  purikuvaayey

Oh Goddess  with a pretty smile , who is  holding  a gem studded Veena ,
in her hand and sings   , songs which have   potential,
Oh Goddess  with pretty mien, Who is the Vani who lives   in the temple of lotus,
On  these  Brahmin* lads, who are  mentally worshipping you,
Along with their relations, shower   your grace
       * Brahmin lads only participate in Sastha Preethi..

Prayer to Guru

Hariharasuthanaam  dheeran  aariyan  meethil  paada
Guruvarpaadhapadmayugalamey  chintha  sheiythu
Shiruvarum  elithil  ullam  theliyavey  swami  meethil
Sharivara  sthuthikkavey  yaan  shattrinen  pohti  pothi

To sing about the very courageous   Arya who is the  son of Vishnu and Shiva,
We meditate   on the lotus  like  pair  of feet  of the Guru,
So that we the youngsters would have a clear mind,
By  reciting  the prayer   on the God, I am praising you, hail, hail.

Anai mukathon Thambi   arul kumaranukku ilayon ,
Vanavar pothum vani vanthu  yenakkarula   vendum,
Senayim thalaivar pothum  then kulathooril ayyan,
Kaanaka   vilayattellam  karuthudan uraippai  nenje.

Brother of Lord  Ganesa , younger brother  of  Lord Subramanya
The Goddess  Saraswathi praised   by the Devas should come and bless me,
And oh heart , with sincerity   relate   the plays in the forest  ,
Of  the Ayyappan of Thenkulathoor*who is worshipped by chiefs of army.
*The Kulathoor near Kallidai kurichi of Thirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

Anthanar munivar shoozhum  athbutha  sabhayai  pohti
Mandhiram  kayyilena  valar  kulathooraan  meethil
Chinthayil  udhitha  shollay  cheppumen  kavi  vilanga
Skanthanum  guruvum  vaani  gajamukhan  kaappy thaamey

After praising this assembly  surrounded by Brahmins and sages,
For  the words that raise  in my mind    about The God of Then kulathoor ,
Whose   temple   grew up as if it is held  in our hands,
To be made in to a poem , let  Lord Subramanya Guru, Sarasawathi and Ganapathi  protect us.

Muntharul  shivanai  pohti  moorkhanaam  asuran  pahti
Indhiravaramum  ettri  eeshanaar  vesham  thottri
Painthodi  pakara nirthi  paarthipan  viraham  maattri
Santhathiyaana  moorthey  dharmasasthrey  namasthey

Hail to  Shiva   who is pleased first , who to kill  the   bad Asura*,
Based on the boon given  to Indra,  took  a form  different from his own,
Made  Goddess Parvathi stand  and  put an end to problem of Arjuna,
And Oh Sastha   who  is his   son, my salutations.

*Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi took  the form of hunters to kill an asura  to help Arjuna

Konkani kusavum katti kovai vaii   idazhum moodi,
Poonkuyil kuralum ittu, Poorna pushkalayayum vettu,
Pangudan karantha nattin bhakthanukku abhayam ittu ,
Then kavi  kavithai ootum chelvan mel   cholven Pattu.

Showing  his  armoured chest , closing his  mouth as red as  Kovai fruit,
Sounding like   the  koel of the flower, marrying  Poorna and Pushkala,
With grace , he gave   protection to the devotee  of Karantha Nadu* ,
And singing the southern poetry  is my darling and  I will tell songs about him.
     *Kulathoor  belongs to Karanthai  agraharam

Aanai  maamukhaney  unthan  malaradi  paninthen
Bhootha  senakaavananaam  enkal  then  kulathoorilayyan
Kaanakam  thannil  munnaal  karuthudan  udhitha  sheykai
Jnaanamaai  naanum  paada  naavil  vantharuluvaayey

I salute at   your lotus like feet , oh  God having face  of a big elephant,
And our lord of Thenkulathoor , the protector   of Bhoothas ,
Who appeared with great  good intention   inside  the  forest
Please  come  on my toungue    so that , I can sing about it.

Neeradiye  mulai paal ooti  , nithyam nithyam thalaati,
Ubamayai thottil aati , thanayar irandum paarattiye,
Adiyaar  thamakku  parinchudarai neerattil vaazhum Gananadhan padam ,
Dhinam thozhaai   nenjame .

After taking bath, feeding breast milk , daily and daily singing lullabies ,
After rocking two cradles, when both sons appreciated  ,
The Ganesa lives as a flame   in the heart  of devotees,
And please   salute   his feet   daily, oh mind.

Thejo  mandala  madhyagam  thrinayanam  divyaambaraalankrutham
Devam  pushap  sharekshu  kaarmukalasath  maanikya  paathraabhayam
Bibraanam  kara pankajair  madhagaja  skanthaathi  roodam  vibhum
Saasthaaram  varadham  namaami sathatham  thrai lokya  sammohanam

I daily salute  that  Sastha   who gives us boons, who  is prettiest   in the three  worlds,
Who is in the middle of   shining  orbit, who has three  eyes, who wears divine cloths,
Who is the god with flowers, bow  , arrow  , vessel of Manikhya gem  ,
Who protects the Brahmins by his lotus  like hand and rides  on an elephant .

Sree  poornaa  pushkalaabhyaam  bhrushamathi  vilasath Paarshwa  bhaagam  gajendram
Skandhaaroodathigamyam  mukulitha  nayanam Mohini  mohanaangam
Naanaarathnoughabhoosham  sphadiga  maninibham Bhasma  hasthena  deeptham
Saasthaaram  saarvabhowmam  sakala  shubhakaram Sarvakaalam  namaami.

I always  salute the great Lord Sastha , who  grants all auspiciousness,
Who shines   along with Poorna   and Pushkala , who has  an elephant at his side,
On whom he rides , who has flower like eyes, Who is the pretty son of Mohini,
Who wears several costly  gems , Who shines  like crystal, and who wears sacred ash on his hand


2.       Jaya veeraa manikantaa                                             (Naattai)

Jayaveeraa  manikantaa Devaney  kaanthamalai
Uyarkeethi  padaitha  kula thooraa en swamy                     (Jaya Jaya…)

Victory  to  Manikanta  ,  the God  of Kanthamalai,
Who has great fame  and is my God   of Kulatheer.

      Kantha malai- Magnetic mountain  where  Lord Ayyappa lives.

Vayal shoozh kerala naattil vaasaney  adiyavarkal
Bhayam theerthu  rakshikkum parama  krupayaalaa         (Jaya Jaya…)

Oh God who lives in Kerala surrounded  by fields ,
Oh Merciful God  who removes fear of devotees  and protects them

Urai shenthamizh kanukoolaa uthamaa sad gunasheelaa
Parimeethil  natanam sheyyum pankaja porpaadhaa          (Jaya Jaya…)

Oh God who likes  good  tamil speech , Oh god with very good conduct ,
Oh God with lotus like feet who dances on a horse

Sarasanennum  shella ppillai            shaavalanum  pani yarashan
Arashanai kali theerkkum ayya en swami  (kulathooraa)   (Jaya Jaya…)

The very desirable  darling son  who does    all jobs ,
Oh Lord who  removed  the  sorrow  of the king , Oh my god

Thanjamennai  kaarum ayyaa dharmaroo paathuyyaa
Kunjarathil  varumayyaa then kulathooril ayyaa                 Jaya Jaya…)

Oh God having Dharma  as form, Oh pure one , please  protect me,
Please come on elephant   in Thenkulathoor

Ponnin mani samkaashaa poorna push kalai neshaa
Kanniyarkal  maharaajaa siva  kaantha malai vaasaa       (Jaya Jaya…)

Oh God who resembles Gold, Oh God who loves Poorna and Pushkala ,
Oh king of maids , Oh God who lives in Shiva kantha mountains

Anda randa bhageerandaa aanathor  adimai kondaa
Vendaayathaal uddhandaa jaya veera mani kantaa                      (Jaya Jaya…)

Oh God who is the globes of  universe, please  make me your slave ,
Oh God who  became powerful by being a king , Victory to Valorous Manikanda*
               *When Lord Ayyappa was found  , he had a thread chain in which a gem was tied up.

Jayadharmaa paripaalaa jaya mano hara sheelaa
Jaya bhaktha jana mithraa jaya shatru naashaa             (Jaya Jaya…)

Victory to him who maintains Dharma, Victory to one having pretty conduct,
Victory   to friend of devotees, Victory to destroyer of enemies

Palakkaattu cheri samooham paramaney hariharan shol
Arunthavamey then kulathoor ayya en swamy                          (Jaya Jaya…)

Oh God who is considered as  Harihara swamy even in slums of Palakkad ,
Oh great penance  , Oh Lord of Thenkulathoor, Oh my god.

3.       Kulathooril  mevukintra                               Nattai  (vera  mattu)

Kulathooril  mevukintra kunjarathil  varukintra
Anthanarkal  pukazhkintra veera  manikantaa  -  jaya

Victory   the  valorous Manikanda   who lives  in Kulathoor ,
Who rides on an elephant    and who is praised  by Brahmins

Maaneduthu  vilayaadum vandulaa vi sheikal  paadum
Vaanavar  dinam  kondaadum vaazh  kulathoorilayyaa then kulathooril ayya

Oh Lord of Kulathoor   where    deer play , bees roam and  play music,
Where     devas daily  praise , Oh Lord  of Thenkulathoor

Shiva  kaantha  malai  mevum shingaara chandhana  kkaavil
Shella ppillayudan  mevum then kulathoorilayyaa Vaazh kulathooril ayya

Oh God who lives in Shivakanthamalai  in the very pretty sandal wood temple  ,
And who roams as darling son in Then Kulathoor     and Lord who lives in Kulathoor.

Hariharan  arul  baalaa anaivarkkum  anukoolaa
Aariyan kaavinil  vaazhum ayyaa  muthayyaa

Oh Boy who is graced by Shiva and Vishnu , Who is partial to all ,
Oh Lord who lives in Aaryan kavu, Oh darling lord.

4.         Sharanam  sharanam

Sharanamumaithiru              sharana malaradi
Thanthu  enthanai                 aaluvaai
Sharanam  then  kula                        thooril  meviya
Sharanamey  jaga                  dheeshaney                (sharanam sharanam…)

I surrender , please   give your divine feet ,
And  rule over   me  ,
I surrender   to the great God  who,
Existed as protection in Thenkulathoor.

Shankaran  thiru maal          ukantharul
Chathuranaakiya                   thuyyaney
Engalukku  varam                 kodutharul
Eeshaney                                sarveshaney               (sharanam sharanam…)

Oh pure one   who is   very clever  and ,
Is the joint grace   of Lord Vishnu and  Shiva,
Please  grant   us   boons,
As God and   as God of all.

Chandhana kkavil                  chendhooram  kondu
Vanthu indhiran                    paniyavey
Anthanarkku                          varam kodutharul
Ayyaney  pukazh                   meyyaney                   (sharanam sharanam…)

When Indra   brought Chendooram  ,
And bowed before him in sandalwood   temple  ,
And requested “Please give boons   to Brahmins ,
Oh Lord , Oh truthful one who is famous.”

Vellakkal  bhootham               shella ppillayum
Virumbbhi thozhum               bhootha  naathaney
Ullam thannil  urai                 harikkum  haranukkum
Unmayaakiya                         puthraney
Swaamiyaakiya                      puthraney                   (sharanam sharanam…)

Oh  Lord of Bhoothas who is saluted by  Vellakal bhoothan*,
As well as  by the darling son  with   desire **,
Oh  God who is     the true son of  Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva,
Oh  son who is the   God.
  *One of the chief courtier of lord Sastha
   ** Shella pillai –darling son of Lord Sastha.

Andar munivarkal                  kandu  paninthida
Adhika varam tharum            bodhaney
Kondral pozhinthidum           thendral  kaavinil
Ulaavum  kulathooril             ayyaney
Swami  kulathooril                 ayyaney                      (sharanam sharanam…)

Oh God who gives  lots of boons,
To  the sages  of the world , when they see and salute you,
Oh Lord of Kulathoor  who wanders in the garden where  the wind flows,
Oh God who is the  lord of Kulathoor

Shiriyel urai sheiythen          poomi mel alli
Shirakkavey  arul                   purikuvaay
Hariharan  thiru                    baalanaey  pukazh
Adhipan then                          kulathooraney                        (sharanam sharanam…)

I the lowly one said , Please  help,
To  the lotus to bloom in this world,
Oh son of Shiva    and Vishnu,
Who is the lord    and king of Thenkulathoor.

5.         Murahara nagadhara

Murahara nagadhara                        mukundha  maadhavaa
Garuda  gamana                    pankaja  naabhaa  -  krishnaa
Parama purusha                    bhava  bhanjana  keshavaa
Naramruga shareera              namo  namo
Hari  naaraayanathey                       namo namo
Naradha  sannutha                namo namo
Hari  naaraayanathey                       namo namo

Killer of Mura, one who carried the mountain  , Mukundha , Madhva ,
One who travels on  Garuda  , One who has lotus on his belly , Krishna,
Oh Divine Purusha  whois Kesava who destroys accumulated Karma,
Oh God with body of man and the beast salutations,
Oh Hari   and Narayana, to you my salutations,
Oh God to whom Narada is the devotee  , salutations ,
Oh Hari   and Narayana, to you my salutations,

Aadhi  deva sakalaagama      poojitha
Yaadhava  kula  mohana       roopaa – krishnaa
Vedhodhara thiru                   venkita  naayakaa
Radha  priyathey                    namo namo                 (hari naraayanathey….)

Oh Primeval God who is worshipped by all Vedas,
Oh pretty one born in Yadava clan,
Oh Lord  of Venkitachala who lifts the Vedas ,
Oh darling   of Radha     salutations

Jaladhi shayana                     ravi chandra vilochanaa
Jala ruha bhava nutha          charana  yugam  - krishnaa
Bali bandhana                                    go vardhana giridhara
Nalinordharathey                   namo namo                 (hari naraayanathey….)

Oh God who sleeps on ocean,  who has  sun and moon as eyes,
Who is Krishna whose feet is saluted   by the elephant in water ,
Who tied   the great Mahabali  , Who carried Govardhana mountain,
And who has   pretty eyes , My salutations.

6.         Thodaya mangalam
            (The song of auspiciousness normally sung before  starting the Bhajan)
Maadhava  bhava thuthey                mangalam
Madhumura  harathey                       mangalam       Krishna

Hey Madhava  Mangalam(auspiciousness)  to you
Hey  killer of Madhu and Mura ,  Mangalam to you Krishna

Naravara nandhanaa                                    naagari kethanaa
Maragatha  mani nilaa                      mangalam  Krishnaa

Son of blessed  man ,                              The enemy  of serpent
Who is   blue like   emerald                 mangalam  Krishna

Sundhara thanujayaa                                    koojitha noopuraa
Sundhara vadhanashree                   mangalam Krishna

One with pretty body  with the  singing anklets,
One who has   a  pretty face  ,  Mangalam Krishna.

Mandhaara  vanamaalaa                   vaaniya guna gana
Sreeranga poorachandra                    mangalam krishnaa

One who wears garland  of forest flowers, who  has the proper  diction,
The full moon   of Sreeranga  , Mangalam  Krishna

Maadhava  bhava thuthey                mangalam      
Madhumura  harathey                       mangalam       Krishnaa
Maadhava  bhava thuthey                mangalam

Hey Madhava  Mangalam to you
Hey  killer of Madhu and Mura ,  Mangalam to you Krishna
Hey Madhava  Mangalam to you

Ranga puraalayaa                              raaghava paalayaa
Mandhara giridharaa                         mangalam
Sangeetha saahithyaa                       sarasa gunaalayaa     (Sreeranga ….)

One who has temple in Sri Ranga , one who is young  Rama ,
One who lifted  Mandhara mountain , Mangalam
One who is blessed    with   the beauty  of  text of songs , Mangalam

                                        (spontaneous improvisations)
1.Oyaamal ummudaya mantram japithu     
Manamum vanthu shei poojayellaam
            Ulaginil poyyendru sholluvathu sathyamo unmayaai chollum ayyaa ?

            Oh Lord say   whether is true  that
            “Chanting   your manthra without stop,
            And doing  the worship done  whole heartedly,
            Is useless in this world”  ,.  

            Thaayaana unnai antri gathiyilen ennai nee thalli vidal neethiyaamo ?

             Since you are  my mother , pushing me ( who does not have any support,) away ,
             Is it proper   and justified?

Thamiyen sheyyaparaadham shatha koti yaakilum
Kshami yaathiruppathu azhago ?

Even if   I have done is hundred crores of mistakes,
Is it proper for you not to pardon them?

Vaayaravey  kilichol pontra nin sthuthigal mainthan naan mura ittum
Manthu irangaathathu yen entru naan arikilen
Maadeva maal mainthaney
Oh Son of Lord   Shiva   and Lord Vishnu ,
Though I beseech you  by ‘parrot like chanting of your prayers’,
And as  a son   I  humbly requested  you,
I do not  know why , your mind  does  not melt?

Eeyaatha lobharkalkku iru naangu shelvamum
Ishainthu arul puriyavillayoh
            Eeshan makizh devi lalitheshwariyin baalaney
Pari pooranaanandhaney

Have  you not with consent give ,
Large amount of wealth to   the misers   who do not give any charity?
Oh  son   of the Goddess  who makes  Lord Shiva pleased,
Oh God who is fully and divinely joyous.
2.Aarvamenum  koyilamaithu  arivenum  deivathai naatti
Ahankaarama enum  aanavathai  bali  koduthu 
Buddhiyenum  pushpathaal  maalai  shootti 
Perinpam enum  choodathai  jnana oliyinaal  ettri 
Thannai  maranthu  sabarimalai  thalaivan idam 
Sheru varuveerey  jagatheerey.

After   building a temple called desire ,
After consecrating  there the god   called  wisdom,
After   sacrificing  the animal called  pride ,
After garlanding with flowers called intelligence ,
After  lighting the camphor called divine joy, along with light of divine wisdom,
Forgetting yourself, please come to be  one  with Lord  of Sabari mountain, Oh people

           (Sanskrit verses)

            1.Drushtwaa  mayaa swaroopam  , Shiva hrudayaharam,
Basma  paitheya   sathrum,
Vishnum devo   mahesam  madana vara vasaan,
Thapa sambhogamasmath

Jatham  lokopakare    Harihara  thanayam  ,
Thanveenaam bana hastham  ,
Vandheham  Bhoothanadham  , sakala ripu haram,
Sooryakodi prakasam

After Seeing   the illusory form which was stealing the mind of Lord Shiva,
Of Lord Vishnu   who was  the  father  of the enemy whom he burnt ,
Shiva got in to the hold of God of love  and made  love to him.

Then the son was born to Shiva and Vishnu   for helping the world ,
That  Lord of the Bhoothas   saluted ,  the bow holding mother ,
And became the   destroyer of all enemies and had the light of billion suns.

            2.Aa shyaama komala vishaalathanum vichitram
Vaasovasaanam arunolpala dhaama hastham
Uthunga ratna makutam kutilaagra kesham
Saasthaaram ishta varadham sharanam prapadyey

I seek the protection of Sastha who loves his devotees,
Who has the peculiar pretty black body colour,
Who lives till the end of the world,
Who has dawn like hands which resemble  lightning
Who has tall crown made of   costly gems,
And Who has curly and pretty  hair.

7          Aadhaaram  un  Paadham  allaal                           (panthuvaraali)

Aadhaaram  un  paadhamallaal  ayyaa  verundoh
un  paadhamallaal  ayyaa  verundoh
Bhoothalathil  bahujanam  poojai  sheikintraar
Pulikkottil  ayyappaney  en swami                            (aadhaaram……)

Oh Lord, Except your feet is there   any other  support,
Except your feet  is there any  other support,
In this world , very many people worship you,
Oh  Ayyappa of Pulikodu, My God 

Deshaadhi  deshamellaam  thirinthen  aashayinaaley
Dehamellaam  vaadi  thurumpaachey
Eeshwara  maaka  ennai  mikavumm rakshitharulvaayi
Vaasaney  enkal  sarveshwaraney  haraney                        (aadhaaram……)

Due to desire I roamed  from country to another country,
And  all my body wilted and became like a straw,
Oh God  , please    greatly   protect   me,
Oh Vasa, Oh our God of all, Oh Hara.

Mikavum  ummai  nampi  vanthaal  arukil  vanthaal
Virunthendru  neer  shummaa  irukkalaamoh
Jegam  thannil  un  pukizhai  sthuthikkum  adiyavarkku
Chitham  irangumayyaa  muthayyaa                       (aadhaaram……)

When believing in you  I Come , I come near you,                                       
Assuming I am your guest,  Should you keep quite?
Oh Muthaiah*  please  have mercy in your heart,
To those devotees of the world who praise   you.
*One name of Ayyappa           

Thirupuram  eri  sheitha  harihara  maninaathaa
Siddhadhi  siddharellaam  deva  devaa
Harihara  puthiranaam  aandavan  pulikkottil
Ayyappaney  pulikkottil  meyyappaney  haraney     (aadhaaram……)

Oh Harihara mani nadha who burnt   the three   cities,
Oh God of Gods    to all  Sidhas.
Oh  God who is son of Vishnu and Shiva , Oh Ayyappa of Pulikode ,
Oh True   Lord   of Pulikode
8.         Engum  unthan  keerthi                                            (Chenchurutti)

Engum  unthan  keerthiyey  keerthi
            pongum  valar  noornai  vaazh          pulikkottil  ayyaa
            Engum  unthan  keerthiyey  keerthi

             Everywhere   there is only your fame,
            Oh Lord of Pulikode ,  who  lives  in the very famous Noorani
            In all places there is only your fame .

Karthigai  maasathil  unthan  vilakkey
Ummai kaakshi tharum  baala  mahaa janarkkey
Unthan keerthanai  thannai  pukazhum  anthanarkkey
Entrum kittaatha  varamarulum  keerthi  thaan  umakkey (Engum….)

Your Vilakku(lamp)  is in the month of Karthigai,
And for the sake  of those  children to see,
To the Brahmins who sing your fame ,
You have the fame  of giving the boons that no  one gets.

Swami Vedi  vishari  kadhanai  kudai nerunga
Muzhakkam megham  idi  ethiridi  pol  muzhangaa
nalla    padakka  chakra  vaanakkambham  vilanga
vantha            paradeshiyaarkkum  annadhaana mika  vazhanga            (Engum….)

Oh God, with crackers , fan and  Big crackers nearing you,
Making a sound that    resembles   the thunder ,
For  making the  Pada Chakra vana   to be clearly seen,
And to give   food    even for the strangers.

Swami Mannavar dhinam  ummai  kondaada
Deiva   maathar venchaamarangal  poda
Unthan   sannadhi  vidhaanathai  kondaada
Swami sathirudaney  pulavor  sangeetham  ishai  paada  (Engum….)

Oh God with kings    singing   your great fame ,
With Apsara  maidens fanning with white Chamaras,
For   celebrating   your presence in temple  ,
Oh God  with poets    singing music along with dance

Swami Poothalathil  illai  intha  puthumai
ummai Pottrum  pala  mahaajanagal  nalamai
engal   Aadhi  keshava  un  thiru valimai
aarkum Ariyakkoodaatha  puli  kkottilayyan  mahaimai     (Engum…)

Oh God   in this world   there  is nothing new,
That    the many people       who praise you are doing well,
And due     the divine strength of  our  Adhi Kesava ,
And due   the power  of lord of Pulikodu  which is not known to people.

9.         Ayyanai  naan  unnai  nambinen               (Chenchurutti)

Ayyaney  naan  unnai  nambinen  aadharithiduvaai                     
Kulathooril ayyaney  naan  unnai  nambinen  aadharithiduvaai

            Oh Lord I believed in you  and so please support me,
            Oh Lord of Kulathoor  I believed in you, please support me.

            Vayyakathilulla  maanidar  pukazhum
            Vaazhum  kulathooril  ayyaa             – un paadhathil    (ayyanai…..)

             Oh  Lord   who lives   in Kulathoor  who is ,
              Praised  by men in heaven  and  I believed in your feet

            Thingal aninthidum  shankaranaar  shiva
            Linga  phalam  thannill  angam  olikkavey
            Mangai  vadivaana  pankaja  lochanan
            Shenkayyil  udhitha  ponkum- kulathooril     (ayyanai…..)

            When power  of  attraction  of  Lord Shiva ,
            Who wears   the moon  started shining in the limbs,
            Of  the Lotus    eyed   one who had taken the form of a woman,
            In the Kulathoor which  originated   from chenkai

            Pandu  paandya  raajan  mandalam  thanniley
            Kondu  varum  puli  kandu  bhayam  kondu
            Vandaar  kuzhal  maathar  dhandanidum  unthan
            Pundareeka ppadham  rendayyum -  kandu naan     (ayyanai…..)

            In the olden days    in the kingdom of Pandya ,
             Scared  by the tiger    that   you brought ,
            The pretty woman whose hair attracts   the bees,
            Saluting   both   your  lotus  feet  and I saw  you

            Dharaniyil  pukazh  noorani  thanniley
            Pooranai  pushkalai  sherum  oyyaaranai
            Aaranarkal  vedha  paaraayanam  sheyyum
            Veera  manikanta veeraa – un paadhathil      (ayyanai…..)

            In Noorani which is famous in this world ,
            Oh pretty one who is   joined by Poorna   and Pushkala,
             Where   Brahmins     are    reading the Vedas,
             Oh Valorous Mani Kanta ,  on your feet
10.       Varuvaaro  Vaaraaro                                                               (chenchurutti)
Varuvaaro  vaaraaro  vaazhkulathoor  aadhipanaar
            Vanthum  engal  manakkavalaikal 
Theeraaro  kaaraaro                                                               (varuvaaro….)

 Will The owner Kulthoor    come, will he not come,
After   coming will  be remove  our  worries, will he  protect us.

            Kaattil  shingam  kaduvaai  puli  , karadi  kaandaamrugangaludan
Eettivaal  shingaani villudan            ,Thaashtikathudan  vettayaadi

After   hunting with great power   lion, Cheetha , tiger, bear 
And  rhinoceros  with   the powerful bow
            Kachai  ketti  karuppuduthi  kaaviyooru  maalai  ketti
Pachai pari meethileri Kochi  nagaram  vazhiyaakavaey    

After  tying the Dhothi , after wearing black and wearing the ochre rosary,
After climbing on the boat  , through the town of Kochi      
(Indicates connection with the Pondi Samooham in Cochin)

Veera  kerala  varma  naattil             aarirandum  anjin  melaam
            Paalai  nagar  samooham  entru        Paaraar  pukazh  nooraniyil 

             In the land of Valorous Kerala Verma with ,twelve  Pancha vadhyams ,
             In the Palakkad samooham and in  the world famous Noorani.
            Pandu  paandya  raajan  pendeer     kondavar pinikkaakavaey
            Andamellaam  nadungum  vengai     Konduvanthor  manikantayyan

             In the olden times for   the sickness  of wife of  the Pandya king,
            The Lord Manikanda brought a tigress   which made   the entire world shiver.
            Aaranarkal  vedha  murai                  othum  thiru  nooraniyil
Poorana  pushkalayudaney               Shera  vanthor  kulathoorayyan

In the Divine Noorani where   the Brahmins chant Vedas,
The Lord Of Kulathoor came along with Poorna and Pushkala.