Wednesday, April 24, 2013


    I have only heard about these   great songs sung during Sastha Preethi at Nurani(Noorani) .When I wanted to translate them in to English, Sri P.V.AnathaNarayanan   , who is my friend encouraged me do it. He also gave me a English transliterated version of  The entire Sastha Preethi songs  done by Sri Choodamani Noorani Hariharan  alias Sunil  of New delhi.  I have completely used these transliterated texts. My grateful thanks   are to Sunil , who has done a back breaking job  of typing the very large number of songs  in English. Sri P.V.Ananthanarayanan also gave me a printed Tamil book   called Noorani  Sastha Preethi Padal published in 2005 by  Sri N.E.Padmanabhan   and Sri N.E.Anatheswaran in 2005.  Whenever I had doubts I have referred to this book. My grateful acknowledgements  to both thse authors , who live in Mumbai. My grateful acknowledgments are also due to  my friend Sri P.V.Ananthanarayanan.
 Without the blessing of the Lord Dharma Sastha , I simply could not have done the job I took up. My anantha koti Namaskarams to him.

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