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Nurani sastha Preethi Pattukal 21-30

Translated by  P.R.Ramachander
21.       Ulakinil  anaivarkkum                                                         (Dhanyaasi)
            Ulakinil  anaivarkkum  udhavi  sheiythidathaan     avathaaram  sheiythaar

            He came in to this world to help all people of this  earth.
            Bhoomi pukazh  kai  leshan               penn mohiniyai  kaana
            Nemithanaintha  velai                       nithya  swaroopanaaka          (Ulakinil…)

              When the World famous lord   of Kalisa  saw   the  lady Mohini,
              And at that time he hugged   her as the  lord forever.
            1.Antha vanam  thanniley                 swanthamudaney  thevar
            Vandhu  malar  shorinthu                 vindhayudaney  potta
            Chenthaamarai  chembakam             punnaaga  vaasam  veesha
            Panthaai  kannikal  thannai              manni  kkalithidaa                 (Ulakinil…)
             In that forest  the devas  came   along with friends,
             Showered   flowers and praised in a wonderful manner,
             The scent of red lotus  , Champa  and  punnaga spread  everywhere ,
              He played  with   the maids with great joy.

            2.Chinthai  pukazh  minnaa              jegam  pukazh  mannaa
            Devar arumai  ennaa                         sree puram  mannaa
            Mandha haasathudaney                    sundharesharai  kandu
            Mainthaan  entre  thera                     aanandha mika kondu ndu    (Ulakinil…)

             Oh God praised  by all in this world, Oh shining God  who is praised  by the mind,
              Oh God of Sripura   which was told   as great,  by  the devas,
               Seeing with a smile   the Lord Sundareswara,
              And when he called , “Son”,  he   became greatly joyous.


22.       Ayyan  thaan varum  bhavani                                              (Shurutti, Aadhi)
             Ayyan  thaan  varum  bhavani        yaaraaley  sholla  kkoodum
            Varum  vedikkai                     yaaraaley  sholla  kkoodum

             Who would be able   to describe  the  procession of the Lord,
             Who would  be able to describe the fun fare  in his coming.

            Vayyakam  pukazh  aariyankaavinil  valar
            Meyyan  shabarigiri  thannilum  vanthu
            Kai  eduthu  vanagum  maanidarkkellaam
            Kali  bhayam  theerthu  karunai  pozhinthidavey                            (Ayyan ….)

            He who grew in Aryankavu  praised by the world ,
            He who is the truth  also came  to  Sabari mountain,
            And he  came to remove the fear of Kali age   and to  shower mercy,
            On all those    who salute   him with folded   hands.

            Chandhankkaavu  thannil  irukkintra  swaamiyai  samayam  thedi
            Varum  indhraadhi  devarkal  vasishtar  naaradharum  entha velayilum  koodi
            Valla  gandharvar  devar  rambhayar  muthalaana
            Varishayaayi  naatiyam  aadi  vaasa  mandhaara mullai 
            Iruvaakshi  chembakam  maalaikal  nantraai  shoodi
            Indha  dharishanam  poley  verengum  kidayaathu
            Mel  janma  thollai  vendaam
            Engal  harihara puthran  krupai  sheythu
Mangalamaakavey  maintarai  kaakka                                             (Ayyan ….)

There  is no holy sight  other  than   seeing  our god,
Who is in the sandal wood     shrine,
Who is visited by Indra and other   devas,
And Narada  who can join together  at any time,
And in whose   presence the divine damsels  dance,
And who wears  the scented   flowers like jasmine and Iruvakshi,
For after   that  there  is no trouble like next births,
And  let our God who is   the son of Vishnu  and Shiva,
Auspiciously protect   our sons.
23.       Engal  veera  manikantar  itho  varukiraar      (Hindustani  kaappi, Aadhi)
             Engal  veera  manikantar  itho  varukiraar
            Mangala  phalangalai  muzhuvathum  tharukiraar                         (Engal…)

Our Valorous  Manikanda   is  coming,
And he would give all auspicious   results.
            Shankaran thirumaalukkukantha  thanayan  ivar
            Shathankpankthi purathukku  jayam  jayam  mikatharum                        (Engal…)

             He is   the son of  Lord   Shiva and Lord   Vishnu,
             Who gives victory , victory to Noorani .

            1.Kayyiloru villum  matha vellayaanai  meethil
            Vedhiyar  munivarkal  kavi  jnaanam othiyey
            Vallabhan entru engum  pukazh  shellappillai  manthiri
            Vellakkal  munnaal  arul  thanthom  thantom  entru                       (Engal…)

             Holding a trident in his hand  and riding  on a  wild white elephant,
             Accompanied by  chanting of Vedas  by Brahmins  and sages,
             The minister Chellapillai   who is well known as Vallabha,
             Before early  morn  saying that  we have given our grace ,

            2.Koonthalukkishaintha  navarathna  makutavum
            Kundalathilangu  muthumaamani  shobhayum
            Shenthamizhil nal sthuthi sheyyum  periyorkalum
            Konchum  verikkal  vilangum  ghaleer ghaleer entru                      (Engal…)

            With crown made  of nine types  of gems suited   to his hair,
            With shining luster of pearls and gems  on his ear   studs ,
            With elders  praying him in   pure Tamil language  ,
             With the lisping bells   sounding in his anklets,
            Bhakthar  chithambalathil  ethesha  kaalamum
            Bhukthi  mukthi  tharum  bhootha  karthaavin  sheelamum
            Karthnaam  manidaasan  sholnal sthuthi  visthaaramum
            Uthira  naalil  avathirathavar  kulathoorayyan                               (Engal…)

             During all times  and places in  the mind  of his devotees,
             With the conduct of  Bhoothanatha giving pleasure and salvation,
             With great prayers recited about   our Leader Manikanta,
             The lord of Kulathoor who was born in Uthra   star.
24.       Ayyan  varaar  paarir                                      (Hindustani  kaappi, Aadhi)
            Ayyan  vaaraar  paarir  aariyankaavinil
            Aanai  karadi  kaduvvaikal  udaney                                     (ayyan…)

             See that the lords is coming  in Aryankavu ,
             Along with elephants , tigers  and bears,

            Bherikai  dammaara  vaadhyathudan  avar
            Vethaala  bhoothangalodu  makizhnthavar                          (ayyan…)

             He is accompanied   by beating of  musical drums and big drums,
             With joy in the company of   Vetalas  and Bhoothas , the lord

            Koti  bhootha  padaikaludaney  shoozhnthavar
            Konchum  pulkaludaney  kuthithu kondaadiyey                     (ayyan)

            Surrounded   by the army of billions of the army of Bhoothas,
            Along with lisping  tigers, jumping and celebrating , the lord

            Paandya  maharaajan  andayil  shentravar
            Paangudaney  bhatharai  paalanama  sheithavar                           (ayyan…)

             Going near   the great king of Pandya ,
             With great élan he looked after  his devotees.
25.       Bhavani  vaaraarey                                                   (Ataanaa,  roopakam)
            Bhavani  vaaraa  rey ayyan              Bhavani  vaaraa  rey

             Would the Lord come in procession, the  Lord is coming in procession.

            Bhoomi  pukazh  shathang                pankthi  puram  thannil
            Bhootha  naatheshwaran                  poorna  pushkala yudan        (Bhavani…)

            In the Noorani which is famous all over the world,
            The Lord and God of Bhoothas  along with poorna and Pushkala.

            Muthu  pathitha kireedam  ilangavey
            Mohana  maalai  kazhuthil  vilangavey
            Kothu  sarappalli  kundalam  thulangavey
            Koti manmadhan azhakan  manam  irnagavey                                (Bhavani…)

             With the gem embedded   crown shining  ,
             With pretty garland  in the  neck shining,
             With  The Kothu sarapili (An ornament) ,   ear stud shining,
              That pretty one resembling billions of God of love, taking pity,

            Aanai  puli  kaduvaai  aniyaniyaai  vara
            Aalavattam  kudaikal  pidithu  maathargal  shera
            Veenai  pala  vaadhya  melam  kettu  ullam  thera
            Vellakkal  ma  bhootham  venchaamaram  veeshi  vara                  (Bhavani…)

            With  elephant tigers    and bears marching in queue ,
            With ladies holding  fan , umbrellas joining in the procession,
            With the mind becoming happy by hearing Veena and other instruments ,
            With the great   Bhootha of Vellakkal fanning and accompanying him

            Kondaadum  bhaktharkal  manakkurai  theerkkavey
            Kotanukoti  pizhaikal  porukkavey
            Ethishayum  pottidum  enthanul  thazhaikkavey
            Imbamaam  pachai  kuthirai mel  shirakkavey                                 (Bhavani…)

            For putting an end to problems of devotees    who praise him,
            For pardoning  billions and billions of mistakes,
            He who is praised in all directions, to make my mind happy,
            Riding on the green horse   which itself is joy,    
26.       Vaarum  vaarum  manikantaa                                                     (Mohanam)
Vaarum  vaarum  manikantaa                      Nalla  vajra maalai  ani  kantaa

Come , come , oh ,Manikata  , Who wears   a good diamond necklace

Thaarum  unthan  paadha  bhakthi              Thandheeduveer  nalla  bhuddhi
Yaararivaar  unthan  shakthi                                   Aariyaney  thaarum  vettri (vaarum)

Please  give me devotion to your feet, Please    give  me  good brain,
Who knows    your great power, Oh Arya (Lord of Aryankavu) , give me  victory.

1.Enthan  manakkavalai  theerkkka             swami  irangivanthu  mun  nirkka
Santhatham naan  darshikka                                    Thandheeduveer  varam  mikka
Indiran  muthalor  sthuthikka                       paadhangalil  malar  iraikka

Oh Lord please come down and stand   to put an end to my mental worries,
Please give me lot of boons so that  I would be able to see  you always,
With Indra  and others praising you and showering flowers  at your feet
2.Vaanavar  munivar  koodi                          ippo  varukiraar  ummai  thedi
Bhoothangalum  bahu  kodi                           pukazhnthu  varum  munnadi
Modhamai  mullai  malar shoodi                    Mohana  raagathai  paadi  (vaarum)

Devas  and sages joining together  are coming now in search  of you,
Billions of Bhoothas  are coming  in the front praising you,
Happily wearing jasmine flowers and singing the Mohana Raga  and dancing.
27.       Bhootha  naatha  paahimaam                                            (Kedhaaram, aadhi)
             Bhootha  naatha  paahimaam  bhoomeesha  vandhithaa               (bhootha…)

Please protect me Bhoothanatha  who is worshipped by kings of earth.

            Maathu  poorna  pushkalaa   Manoharaa  leelaa  susheelaa           (bhootha..)

             Oh god natured one  who plays    with pretty  Poorna and Pushkala
            1.Vaarum  kadaikkannaal  paarum   Enthan  kavalai  theerum
            Unthan  sevai  thaarum                     mandhahaasathudaney         (bhootha…)

            Please  come and see me with the corner of your eyes
            So that  my worries get over,
            Please give me your service ,
            With a   slow and pretty smile.

            2.Thanchamentravarkku arul puriya            Vanchanai  sheithidalaamoh
            Nenchakathidam  uravey                   Anjen  ena  arulvaayi             (bhootha..)

            Should you cheat  those people,
            Who come    and seek your protection,
            Oh God who is dear    to my heart,
            Please  tell me, “Do not be afraid.”
28.       Shabari gireeshaa                                                                  (Kamaas, aadhi)
            Shabari gireeshaa      dharma vilaasaa
            Shubha  thapa  neshaa          suguna  prakaashaa                          (shabari…)

             Oh Lord of Sabari mountain,  Oh God who   makes Dharma shine,
              Oh God who likes good penance  , Oh God who shines in good character

            Vinnavar  inpam  athundavarey
            Manikantan  entra  per  kondavarey
            Anda  charaacharam  aandavarey
            Ponnambalameviya  aandavarey                                          (shabari…)

             Oh God    who  made the   devas happy,
             Oh God who has a name  “Manikanta”,
             Oh God who ruled    the universe ,
              Oh God who created   the golden temple.

            Vrutha  gambheeraa  villaali  veeraa
            Varadha  shingaaraa  mahishi  samhaaraa
            Thiru hari malar  porbalaney  sharanam
            Vinnavar  meviyaney  sharanam
            Thiru  harihara  puthiraney  sharanam  Ponnayyappaney  sharanam  sharanam

Oh God who does penances  properly , Oh great  archer,
Oh Pretty God who blesses, Oh God who killed  Mahishi,
I surrender  to the golden son of divine Hari,
I surrender   to the God who saved the devas,
I surrender to the divine  son of Vishnu and Shiva,
I surrender, I surrender   to Golden Ayyappa

29.       Shabari  ponnambala  vaasaa                                            (Shurutti)
             Shabari  ponnambala  vaasaa          Un  thiruvadi  pera  vendum
            Verenna  vendum                                                                               (sabari….)

             Oh God who lives   in the golden Sabari temple, if I should get your divine feet,
              What else   do I need.
Aalum  kaliyugathil                            ayyaney  neer  allavo
Akhilanda  kodi  kkudayor                 verundo  deivam                     (sabari….)

In this Kali  age which is ruling, are you not  the lord,
Of the billions of universe , Is there   any other God.

1.Shodhanai  sheyya  puli                 paal  karantheeda  sheegram
Ghora  vanathil  pukunthaai             verundo  deivam                     (sabari…)

When you were tested  , you speedily  entered to milk the tiger ,
In the dense forest, Is there   any other God.

2.Kaattaanai  vengai  puli                  kootti  malayorathil
Kootti  valartha  perumaan                 verundo  deivam                    (sabari….)

Assembling wild elephants  , tigers   and Cheetah by the side of mountain,
You brought  them up well, Is there   any other God.

30.       Kankal  aayiram  vendumey             (Kamaas / AAdhi talam)

             Kankal  aayiram  vendumey             engal
            kaanthamalai  vaasarai  dharishanam  sheyyavey                          (Kankal…)

            I  need thousand eyes  ,
           To see  our Lord living in Kanthamalai.


            Anpudan bhaktharai  kaakka            azhakan  then  kulathooraan
            Aayiram  pulikal  udan  varum          athan  azhakai  kaana           (Kankal…)

             To see  the pretty God of south  Kulathoor , who is coming  to protect,
              His devotes   with love  surrounded  by thousand tigers.


            1.Shingaara  natai  nadanthu           verikkaliyai  mun  vittu
            Shella  ppillayudaney             shernthu  varavum
            Shenchaapalanudan  ayyan  dhesha  pravesham  sheyya
            Ayyanai  meyyanai  aariyankaavayyanai  kaana                            (Kankal…)

             Walking in  an attractive manner , sending Verikali  in front,
              Please   come along    with Sella pillai(darling son),
             When the lord comes to the country along with result  of done deeds,
             For seeing the lord as   truth    as well as lord  of Aryankavu.

            Kulathu puzhayil  vaazhum  kulatooril  ayyaney
            Kunjarathin  meetheri                       kuvalyaakshan
            Koti  soorya  prakaashan       kolaahalammai  varum dheeranai
            Shooranai  veeranai  veera  manikantanai  kaana                           (Kankal…)

             The Lord of Kulathoor  who lives in Kulathupuzha,
             The lotus   eyed  one riding   on an elephant  ,
              Who shines like billion suns , to see  the courageous one  coming with pomp,
              As a brave one as a warrior  and as the heroic Manikantan

            Shathank pankthi  puram  thannil   chathuranga  senayudan
            Shangili  bhoothathaanum                shankaran  maal  baalanudan
            Mangala  vaadhyam  muzhanga       mangai  maar kummiyadikka
            Anthanargal  vedham  otha               adhbutha  kaakshiyai  kaana            (Kankal…)

             In the town of Noorani  along with army with four sections ,
             Along with Sangili bhootham along with son of Shiva and Vishnu ,
             With playing of auspicious musical  instruments , With ladies  dancing Kummi,
              With Brahmins chanting Vedas and to see   the wonderful  sight

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